Experience unparalleled flexibility with this incredibly versatile WordPress plugin. Unleash your creativity with a highly adaptable tool, providing limitless customization options.
100+ Premade Layouts
100+ ready-to-use templates to use as is or to customize
Post Filters
Category, author, date, tag, format, custom taxonomies, sticky
Responsive Options
Your posts will look good on each device with easy to use responsive options
Image Positions
Options include: left, right, top, bottom, background
General Formatting
Options include: max title lines, font sizes, colors, etc.
Rows and Columns
Create your own unique layout with responsive rows and columns
Posts Sorting
It is possible to sort posts by date, title, author, commnets etc
Mouseover Effects
Include blur in/out, zoom in/out, overlay opacity in/out, move up/down
Show/Hide Post Attributes
Title, excerpt, date, author, categories, tags, sticky mark etc.
Image Overlay
Overlay options are: linear, radial gradient, opacity
Auto Height
Automatic height adjustment of columns content
Slider Element
Showing posts in slider (format number of slides, navigation, pagination, etc.)
Accent Color
Option to change an accent color is available
Banner Element
Include banner element in the grid for promo
Custom Element Properties
Easily add custom id, class or style and stylize each element independently

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