Mini Camp Folding Shovel

Any event you go to, they’re always talking familiar timeworn trails where your about engaging the Millennials.
Martin MooreJuly 12, 2017
Ultimate Survival
Camp Folding Shovel

The outdoor industry today is all about the millennials. Any event you go to, they’re always talking about engaging the Millennials. So you know what I did last year? I got engaged to a Millennial.

My name is Yoon, I’m a writer and editor in the outdoor industry. I write for publications like Gear Junkie, Elevation Outdoors, and I also write for business publications like the Outdoor Retailer Daily and SNEWS.

But more importantly, I edit a handful of brand blogs including this one, Stansport Blog: The Place for Camping Hacks, Camp Tricks and Camp Pranks. I’m particularly excited about this blog because I too, am a Millennial and there’s nothing more fun about the outdoors than camp tricks and pranks.

I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and we try to bring you the best hacks out there, and the funniest ideas around the web. Make sure to subscribe to our email list for the latest ideas of how to impress, or piss off your friends.

Looking forward to sharing a laugh with you, reader.

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